At Minced Meal Prep, we make healthy eating exciting and flavorful! We are a boutique meal prep service and all of our food, sauces, and dressings are scratch-made, and Non-GMO! Approximately 50%-60% of the ingredients in our meals are certified organic and we source local-grown ingredients when available.

Minced Meal Prep is dedicated to help you take care of yourself and your families. Staying healthy is a priority in this fast-paced world. The right nutrition can provide you with energy to get through your workday, exercise and spend more quality time with your family.

What sets us apart is that our menu changes weekly which helps to keep our customers coming back! We offer a variety of different cuisine including but not limited to American, Mexican, Hawaiian, Italian and Indian.


Pre-ordering feature on our website is always open from Monday to Thursday midnight. The website ordering feature shuts down midnight Thursday so please make sure to get your orders in on time. We will not be taking late orders at this time.